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Whether you're planning ahead for a special occasion or just stocking up your wrapping drawer to make the most of a spontaneous gesture of kindness, The Kensington Paperie has an array of designs to suit any joyous moment. 

Wrapping a present should take time, thought and effort. Our rolls and wrapping kits make light work of this act of love.

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More Stock Coming SoonWrapping Kit Box - Delft CornflowerWrapping Kit Box - Delft Cornflower
Wrapping Kit Box - Delft StripeWrapping Kit Box - Delft Stripe
Wrapping Kit Box - Ikat AzureWrapping Kit Box - Ikat Azure
Wrapping Kit Box - Ikat RoseWrapping Kit Box - Ikat Rose
More Stock Coming SoonWrapping Kit Box - Marble ChocolateWrapping Kit Box - Marble Chocolate
Wrapping Kit Box - Marble MustardWrapping Kit Box - Marble Mustard
Gift Wrap Roll - Delft CornflowerGift Wrap Roll - Delft Cornflower
Gift Wrap Roll - Delft StripeGift Wrap Roll - Delft Stripe
Gift Wrap Roll - Chocolate MarbleGift Wrap Roll - Chocolate Marble
Gift Wrap Roll - Mustard MarbleGift Wrap Roll - Mustard Marble
Gift Wrap Roll - Ikat AzureGift Wrap Roll - Ikat Azure
Gift Wrap Roll - Ikat RoseGift Wrap Roll - Ikat Rose
Christmas Wrapping Kit - Marble RubyChristmas Wrapping Kit - Marble Ruby
More Stock Coming SoonChristmas Wrapping Kit - Marble EmeraldChristmas Wrapping Kit - Marble Emerald
Christmas Wrapping Kit - Kitcombe StripeChristmas Wrapping Kit - Kitcombe Stripe
Christmas Wrapping Kit - Sandalwood BlockChristmas Wrapping Kit - Sandalwood Block
Christmas Gift Wrap Roll - Kitcombe StripeChristmas Gift Wrap Roll - Kitcombe Stripe
Christmas Gift Wrap Roll - Marble EmeraldChristmas Gift Wrap Roll - Marble Emerald
Christmas Gift Wrap Roll - Marble RubyChristmas Gift Wrap Roll - Marble Ruby
More Stock Coming SoonChristmas Gift Wrap Roll - Sandalwood BlockChristmas Gift Wrap Roll - Sandalwood Block